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Eliska Frizzoni

Skin Institut owner

My goal is to offer my clients above-standard personal care and an individual approach, which I consider very important. My mission is to help women and men move their skin, adjust their lifestyle and internal condition not only through our care and products, but also a comprehensive change in their lifestyle.
I have been working with Biologique Recherche medical cosmetics for several years and I was fascinated by its unique philosophy and individual approach to skin care.
The overall condition of our body is reflected on our skin. I care about quality and results so that my clients always feel satisfied, exceptional and happy to return.
I believe that a happy and satisfied client will find the right balance in life. Skin Institut offers an oasis of calm in the center of a busy city.


Gina Madieh

Body therapist

My name is Gina Madieh, a passionate beautician dedicated to wellness and beauty. My journey in the world of cosmetology began in my native Colombia, where I attended cosmetology school and completed my training in 2008. These first steps in my education introduced me to the fascinating world of cosmetology and allowed me to learn Maderoterapy, a technique that became one of my cherished specialties.

During my time in Colombia, I specialized in several areas, including cosmetology, lymphatic drainage after cosmetic surgery, and alternative therapies. These specializations expanded my knowledge and skills in beauty and wellness.

In 2011, I took a significant step in my life when I emigrated to Switzerland, a country that warmly welcomed me and gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion. During my time in Switzerland, I dedicated myself to studying and perfecting my skills in various cosmetology disciplines, which allowed me to develop professionally and broaden my experience in the field of well-being and beauty.

A highlight of my career in Switzerland occurred in 2022, when I completed the training to become a certified natural cosmetician according to the high standards of Switzerland. This certification marks a milestone in my career and reflects my many years of dedication and acquired knowledge in the field of cosmetics.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with countless clients, sharing my knowledge and experience to help them feel and look better. My goal is to provide quality treatments and promote the well-being of my clients. Every day my passion for cosmetology and commitment to beauty and wellness continues to grow, and I hope to continue to contribute to the confidence and happiness of those who seek my services.


Dr. Vincent Paul


Dr. Vincent Paul originally comes from Transylvania, Romania and moved to Germany with his parents in his late youth. He studied medicine in Berlin and started his career as a surgeon at the Charité. 

After several positions in various surgical disciplines, he now works as a senior physician in a clinic in Mittelbaden on the edge of the Black Forest. Due to his special ability to recognize details and developments in people as they grow elder, 

Dr. Vincent Paul discovered his great love for aesthetics, individual beauty and anti-aging therapy to maintain people’s own fresh youthfulness. 

Dr. Vincent Paul loves to emphatically offer various options to people who are interested in their own health and individual beauty, so that solutions can be found in open and trusting discussions.

Dr. Paul is the Founder and CEO of the Beauty Institute and Medical Office StayVisible❗️The name of his Institute has a big and hugh meaning for him. It has been choosen from his partner, Dr. Marsela Ceno, also a surgean from Albania, who inspires Dr. Paul to performe the best medicine to his patiens so that they can stay visible through the process of aging. Dr. Ceno is the founder and CEO of the Society of albanian doctors in Germany and has a big networking with the albanian doctors in Germany, Swiss and Austria.


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